Charity Walk

On Sunday 4 April 2020, in the afternoon, it will be possible to take part in a charity walk open to children, families, adults and seniors.

An opportunity to discover the center of Florence at a slow speed and to support a project promoted by Firenze in Rosa Onlus.

Firenze in Rosa Onlus is a non-profit association whose primary objective is to promote, strengthen and spread the prevention, self-diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The mission is to encourage a “culture” of breast cancer prevention through the promotion of health and proper lifestyles as well as the value of psycho-physical rehabilitation after breast cancer.

UISP Comitato di Firenze has set up an charity campaign to help Firenze in Rosa Onlus which will also be present in Piazza Santa Croce during the days (4 and 5 Aprile 2020) of the Half Marathon Firenze event.

Thank you for helping Firenze in Rosa Onlus!