Bags deposit changing room and toilets

Service available on sunday 7 april 2019 from 7.00 to  13.30 Piazza Poggi (Oltrarno) next to the San Niccolò Tower (NOT available for the non-competitive 8km)

It will be possible to deposit ONLY THE OFFICIAL BAG of the race delivered during the race package collection.

Before the deposit it is necessary to put on the bag the special supplied sticker corresponding to your bib number. The bags have to contain the clothes useful for the race.
To collect the bag, the owner must show the race number.

📵 It is expressly forbidden to leave mobile phones, computers, tablets, cameras or other valuable items in the bag.

CHANGING ROOM (non custoditi / no servizio docce)
Service available on sunday 7 april 2019 from 7.30
🚺 Women Changing Room Palestra Scuola Vittorio Veneto via San Giuseppe 7. 
🚹 Changin Room Men 
Palestra Scuola Pestalozzi via delle Casine

They will be available Sunday 7 April 2019 from 7.00 am until the end of the event in the arrival area in Piazza Santa Croce and in the bags deposit area in Piazza Poggi.
We invite you to use the bathrooms with discretion and respect given the area of ​​historical interest in which they are located.