Valentine’s Day join the Run in 2, two hearts for an Half Marathon

For Valentine’s Day join the Run in 2, the race to share with who you love, that will take place on Sunday 5th of April during the Half Marathon Firenze.

A run where the participants share the full distance, each participant will run half of the 21 km through a real relay race.

The participants will have the same bib number, except for the letter A and B to show who runs the first part and who the second one. They will exchange in a specific area the chip that will be used as torch to set the start of the second runner. Each participant will run in a maximum time of 2 hours and 30 minutes.

UISP Firenze, the organizer of the event, wants to promote a run open for everybody, based on sharing experiences and allowing who doesn’t feel to run the full distance to run together with a partner to reach a common goal.

Aside from the Half Marathon and the Run in 2, on April 5th you can also participate in the non competitive 8km run and in the Run/Walk of 5km where you can decide to run or walk.

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